Accepting Disappointment

Yesterday I found myself needing some extra help getting into the heart space of unconditional acceptance. I often sit in a forested area as a way to connect with mySelf and the natural world. This will usually help to soften my heart, ground me and quiet my mind. For me, it often eases the suffering of wanting things to be different than they are. Yesterday I spontaneously added something to my quiet time with the trees. I started, eyes softly lowered, with one hand on my heart center, the other on the low belly. With each deep breath as my chest filled I imagined my heart expanding and opening…and with each exhale I pressed out the air by gently pressing my belly and “pushing the love up” into my ever-widening heart. My body wanted to arch as i inhaled, and round as I exhaled, creating a self caress as my arms wrapped around myself in the exhale. After several minutes of this, when I felt myself calming, I said “open your eyes and see yourSelf.” As I did so, I opened to the beauty of the trees and felt my heart softer, more open and connected. From here I was more capable of finding acceptance.

I find it so important and nurturing to find time on a regular basis to 1) spend quiet, solo time in Nature 2) become aware of my breath, and even intimate with it 3) let my hands touch my heart and belly 4) move in any way my body is calling for.

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