Summer Passion


I love the summer solstice, with its longest daylight of the year. The changing of seasons is one of Earth’s many wonderful cycles, be it a solstice or an equinox shift, and each feels very special to me. The changing of the season offers a special time to stop and reflect on what has been happening in my life, and on what my intentions are going forward. Each season offers its own unique qualities that I like to use for inspiration and guidance in looking at my life. The summer solstice conjures a sense of firey energy and passion. At this time I feel drawn to honoring the abundance of the Earth Mother and the gift of warmth the sun brings. I take special time to acknowledge the ways in which I feel fulfilled in my life and what passions I am living and manifesting at this time. I look at what creations I have been energetically tending to, and ponder what they need to come to fruition. Using the elements I can consider whether they need more Air focus (mental attention), more Fire (action and energy focus), more grounded Earth realm attention, and/or Water’s love and nurturing…or perhaps more guidance from Spirit. I also honor with gratitude the growth that these creations have made up to this point. What creations have been springing up in YOUR life over this last season leading up to the solstice? I invite you to take the time to reflect on and celebrate the ways in which you are currently living your passions. In what ways can you bring more of your passions to life during this summer season?

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