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The Gaia Principle and The Great Turning

Aerial photo of river deltas. We have ecosystems inside of us. Can we remember that we are this awesome, and that Earth is this precious?

By Devi Peri

In the early 1970’s a British chemist named James Lovelock, supported by microbiologist Lynn Margulis, developed the Gaia Principle, named after the ancient Greek goddess of the Earth.  They postulated that the Earth is not just dead rock, soil and water.  It is a living, self-regulating system with organisms interacting with their inorganic surroundings to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life on the planet. The Gaia Principle proposes that the living system of Earth can be thought of as analogous to the workings of our human bodies or of any organism that self-regulates body temperature, blood salinity, etc. For example, the ocean is Gaia’s heart and the rivers are her circulatory system.  Her forests are her respiratory system helping circulate oxygen and carbon.  (Read More)