Wondrous Chaos

Over the weekend I was introduced to a beautiful nature spot near where I now live in Santa Cruz. As I moved slowly along the trail leading to a splendid creek, I used all of my senses to soak it all in. I felt enlivened and excited, yet soothed at the same time. When I found a spot that was calling me, on a sandy bank next to the creek, I sat with my journal and wrote a request, sort of a prayer, to the creek, and whispered it to the moving water:

What can I learn from you, my beautiful old friend? What can I learn from you, forest creek, surrounded by tall sister redwoods and lacy ferns? I feel the support of the ground that you have cut through. I hear your beautiful water song. And I’m listening more deeply than my ears can hear. I’m listening to know what you want me to learn from you.

As the response came through me, I wrote it exactly as it was stated to me:
“Life is, like this forested creek, a wondrous chaos; random, yet perfectly synchronized. Ever-changing and surrendering. Flow with it. Trust and stay calm. You are supported. You are amazing! Move forward without fear…grace the world with your shining Light…and visit/check in here with us regularly… in all seasons! Come alone or with respectful friends.”
I answered, “I take this message to heart. Thank you!”

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