Riding the Waves of Change

Here we are nearing the end of 2020, and what a year it has been! Terribly difficult for many and yet full of new opportunities for many.  And either way, for almost everyone, worldwide, it has been a year of many huge and unexpected changes!

 Change can often be a difficult thing to accept, let alone embrace…yet things are always changing, constantly! As the old saying goes, “change is the only constant in Life.” Sometimes we greet a welcome change with relief, yet quite often we resist change, due to either attachment or to fear of the unknown. As much as change is always happening,  the days since the Corona virus pandemic hit, BIG and unexpected changes started to happen REALLY quickly!  

So through all of these big changes, I ask myself: “how well have I managed?” And what does real wellness look and feel like? For me, it’s when I feel fully alive and connected to my whole being… and able to gracefully ride the waves of change, even when they’re huge and scary. 

This is usually only possible for me when I’m able to expand my listening from just the voices of my every day mind into feeling my body, mind, heart and spirit all working together. When I can enter into this place of authentic conversation with my whole being, that’s when I can most fully embrace change and be open to the newness.

And in the times when I’ve found myself battling resistance to letting go or facing the fear of the unknowns, I’ve turned to Nature as a good friend and teacher. As a result of the restrictions we’ve been living with since March, Nature has been a huge saving grace! Not only for me, but for many others I’ve heard from and worked with. Nature always reminds me about the necessity of change to bring about balance and renewal.  

  Our modern day lives have taken humans away from the memory that we are Nature.  We are human animals in these miraculous earth bodies that have evolved brains that have ironically taken us away from remembering our kinship with the rest of Nature.

However, with practice, we can return to knowing how to listen with our whole being and re-learn how to tune in deeply with the Nature around us, to help us discover that the wisdom is already in each and every one of us. We can learn so much, not just about embracing change, but also about almost every challenge we face as a living being.

So now in this time of such huge global changes and challenges, I believe the earth needs us, more than ever, to heal ourselves to wholeness…   

For this reason, as we move toward the end of 2020, probably the most transitional and historical year I’ve ever lived through, I’m sitting with how I feel more committed than ever to supporting people who feel disconnected from the wisdom of their body and long to find more clarity, connection and creativity in navigating gracefully through challenging transitional times. 

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