Earth & Body Nature Program

Earth and Body Nature Program

Do you suffer from a persistent state of underlying anxiety?

Do you often feel disconnected from your body, from yourself and others?

Do you yearn for a deeper sense of belonging, connection and purpose?  

If any or all of these currently ring true for you, you’re not alone.  Welcome to being human in this modern day in our Western culture!  And this list of challenges can feel even more amplified as we deal with the aging process in this culture.  

But it doesn’t have to be like this! 

Would you like to learn how to listen deeply and trust the innate wisdom of Nature and the Earth body that you live in?

Nature is one of the most essential resources available for helping move past these challenges we face in our modern world…and for awakening to our fullest potential!

In my 8-session Earth and Body Nature Program you’ll gain tools that help you deepen your awareness of your own Being, on every level. 

This customized one-on-one journey combines sacred breathwork and Nature Connection. You’ll learn techniques that support a positive engagement with Nature and for tending your inner transformation that comes along with it. 

We begin with an extended indoor breathwork session to fully explore your background, your current challenges and the vision you see for yourself as you heal and transform. 

Most sessions thereafter are held outdoors in Nature. You’ll start by learning ways to be with Nature that require deep attention and fully opening to sensory awareness. 

When we learn to really be present and alert to details of what we see, hear, taste, smell and feel, we are opening up a vast potential for deeper communication, connection and intimacy, not only to the Nature that surrounds us, but to our own inner Nature.

Sometime through the 8-session journey we will once again meet indoors for transformative breathwork combined with somatic counseling. Since this is a customized journey, we may or may not have a third breathwork session, depending on what you need and desire.

In addition to relieving stress, this 8-session journey can help you: 

  • release subconscious limiting beliefs that sabotage your life
  • transform unsupportive patterns and emotional states into more vibrant aliveness 
  • delight in a deepening sense of interbeingness between the
    Nature around you and your own Inner Nature
  • feel a deeper sense of belonging and self-love 
  • experience intimacy and authenticity in your relationship with
    yourself and with others
  • tune into the intuitive wisdom of your body 
  • enjoy sensuality, playfulness and comfort in your body 

‘Earth and Body Nature Program’ Testimonials:

“I enrolled in Devi’s Earth and Body Nature Program because I wanted to feel more connected in my relationship with nature and I wanted to connect more with my body, feelings, and emotions. Now I love being out in nature more than I ever have before. I now look forward to walking daily on the nature paths near me.  My inner nature feels a connection to the natural world.  I feel it is part of me now.  That daily connection to nature helps me feel more at peace and more centered. And now I can check in with my body more easily.  I am able to connect with my spirit and I feel much more in touch with myself and the world around me.

      In the past I was a person that felt good only when I was doing something constructive.  I had to accomplish something to feel valued.  Now I am much more attuned to nature and taking time to just “be” without any guilt.  There is more of a general calm in everything I do. 

     I’ve loved the repertoire of different practices Devi has shown me and they keep me constantly interested. She does an amazing job of demonstrating everything and sharing personal experiences. I have found Devi to be the most compassionate and caring guide and mentor. I have advanced my growth with her more than any psychologist I have worked with. It is because of this that I am looking forward to working with her more in the future.” 

 ~Ron Indra, Santa Cruz, CA


“I came to the Earth and Body Program hoping to get in touch at a deeper level with my heart and to come into a more conscious relationship with the world around me. Devi was a great listener and really took her time to understand me and allowed me to express myself and helped me set clear intentions. 

I found the breathwork part to be a very powerful way of showing me what I was keeping hidden deep inside myself. As I gained new insights to myself, I grew a deeper and more intimate relationship with myself. During our nature work I learned new and interesting techniques of how to get closer to the inner beings of the plant and elemental world around us.

Most importantly from our work together, I take with me the inner guides I have met during our breathwork. I am overjoyed to have a conscious relationship with them in my life now, and will continue to work with them.” 

~ Josias Harder, Soquel, CA

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May all beings be well!