Aunt Polly’s Passing

I woke up Saturday morning to the news that my aunt had passed away during the night. At the dance later that morning I felt so tender as I reflected on the precious, yet fleeting nature of Life on this earth. As the tears rolled down my cheeks I felt sadness, and at the same time a certain kind of fullness…a richness, a sense of Life fully flowing through me. Gratitude for my health and for all the beautiful dancers in the room so full of Life. And gratitude to be part of this incredible worldwide community of conscious dancers. Then more tears of gratitude as I marvelled that my mom had gotten the opportunity to make it out to California to share the last 3 days of her sister’s life with her, against all odds. Before dance my mother had called me and wept as she described to me how she and her sister had slept all 3 nights of her visit wrapped in each others’ arms, sharing their words of love and appreciation for each other, sleeping very little. Then when my mom returned to Nebraska on Friday, my Aunt Polly left this earthly realm less than 24 hours later, knowing that she had shared her love…trusting that her little sister was going to be OK… and letting go…

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