My work with Devi was profound.

My work with Devi was profound.

The greatest impact I’ve noticed is a deep shift from an internal critical and pressurizing self-shaming to a gentle, open self-kindness.

I am feeling more ease in all I do, as well as deeper, longer experiences of joy-like ease, instead of fleeting bursts of joy and excitement then a drop to frustration and pressure to “get it together.” It’s as if my internal self-nurturer has come alive for the first time.

From this place of self-gentleness and tender kindness I feel I will blossom into my other areas of desired growth with more ease. I feel more grounded in my physical body and able to self direct into calmness. My system overall feels so much more ease and peace.

Devi was very tuned in to the subtle details of what was happening in my whole body/mind system during breath-work and has an amazing ability to say exactly the words that bring healing in the moment. She is a very intuitive and present guide attending to the many aspects of self that exist simultaneously. My inner child feels loved and held and I am trusting my adult self much more than before.

I have so much deep gratitude for the healing I experienced in working with Devi and trust that this “coming home to myself” will continue to unfold.

~Noel Diop, Santa Cruz

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