Finding Connection

It’s official… I recently changed my “live in” status on FB from Fairfax to Santa Cruz! I’m no longer a “fixture” in Marin, a term assigned to me after living in the area for nearly 30 years. When I first moved to Santa Cruz, I felt like I was here visiting friends in the area as I have done for many years. Now, after nearly three months I’m starting to feel like it’s home. Being a member of the conscious dance community has helped me feel welcome as a part of Santa Cruz, and I’m deeply grateful for that.
I’ve still been seeing my breathwork clients in Marin every other week. My first couple trips up I felt like I was driving home. As time passes I’m feeling that somehow both places resonate as home. I’ve come to realize that “feeling at home” boils down to connection with community and environment supported by an ever deepening connection with mySelf. With this alchemy I feel at “home” wherever I am. On those days when my sense of “Connection” is thriving, I find great joy in whatever I’m doing…wherever I am.
I absolutely love Marin- family, friends, acquaintances, the dance community, the natural beauty, my favorite shopping places and hangout spots, and all the memories. That said, an urge to shake things up that started a few years ago, continues here in Santa Cruz. I’ve experienced times when all the changes and uprooting that I’ve undertaken feels challenging and overwhelming. At other times I am so grateful for having the courage and support to navigate this journey into a deeper unfolding / revealing of Self discovery, connection and purpose.
Now that I’m feeling more settled, my focus is to find people in this area who want to experience this incredible healing breathwork and my other offerings! The big work now is to get the word out!

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