Earth & Body Program

Earth and Body Wellness Program

Do you suffer from a constant state of underlying anxiety?

Do you often feel disconnected from your body, from yourself and others?

Or do you wonder what wisdom your body could possibly convey to you?

Do you yearn for a deeper sense of belonging and connectedness?  

Do you often feel empty and feel that your life lacks joy and vibrant aliveness? 

Do you feel a sense of lacking self worth and/or self love unless you prove yourself in some way?

If any or all of these currently ring true for you, you’re not alone.  Welcome to being human in this modern day in our Western culture!  But it doesn’t have to be like this! 

As we journey together through embodiment practices, breathwork with somatic counseling, Nature connection and deep heart meditations, I can help you:

  • transform unsupportive patterns and emotional states into greater joy, aliveness and presence in every moment
  • uncover a deeper sense of belonging and unconditional self-love
  • feel a state of natural balanced abundance and gratitude
  • recover your true wholeness

Would you like to learn how to listen deeply and trust the innate wisdom of Nature and the earth body that you live in? 

Recent ‘Earth and Body Wellness Program’ Testimonial:

“I came to the Earth and Body Program hoping to get in touch at a deeper level with my heart and to come into a more conscious relationship with the world around me. Devi was a great listener and really took her time to understand me and allowed me to express myself and helped me set clear intentions. I found the breathwork part to be a very powerful way of showing me what I was keeping hidden deep inside myself. As I gained new insights to myself, I grew a deeper and more intimate relationship with myself. During our nature work I learned new and interesting techniques of how to get closer to the inner beings of the plant and elemental world around us. Most importantly from our work together, I take with me the inner guides I have met during our breathwork. I am overjoyed to have a conscious relationship with them in my life now, and will continue to work with them.” ~ Josias Harder, Soquel, CA

Can you imagine that…

* You are a cell in the body of the earth, and you have a specific cellular function that when carried out helps maintain the health of the planet

* The earth is self-healing, and you are part of that process

* Everything is alive and in conversation

* The waters, plants, animals and ancestors are all allies in planetary healing

* Your life exists for something larger than you can know with your everyday mind.

(Adapted from Ecology and Imagination, an article in Common Ground, April 2014, by Aninha Esperanza Livingstone)

My 8-week Earth and Body Wellness Program is offered for individuals or for small groups of 2 – 4 people. The Earth and Body Wellness Program is intended to bring clarity and commitment to your desire to live a healthier life and feel more connected with your own body, your whole beingness and the larger Earth Body. In this program most sessions will be held out in nature, so that we can more easily feel connected to and inspired by the natural world of which we are an integral part. Nature is one of the most essential resources available to help us awaken to our fullest potential.  In this program you learn ways to more deeply relate with Nature so you can learn from it as you would an intimate friend or partner. 

We begin by learning ways to walk and move that require deep attention and opening our senses more fully. As we dive deeper into our connection with nature, we often develop a more complete sense of belonging and we can look at our lives from this new view. From here, as we commune with nature, we engage in transformative breathwork combined with somatic counseling. This allows us to shine a light on the innate wisdom that opens access to more clarity and deeper commitment…thus helping us to realize our true potential and the well-being that we truly desire!

Call me at 415-209-4499 to set up a free exploratory phone consultation to see if this program is a good fit for you! 

Or you can email devi@deviperi.com 

May all beings be well!