Earth & Body Program

Earth and Body Wellness Program

The 8-week Earth and Body Wellness Program is offered for individuals or for small groups of 2 – 4 people.  Our work together during these 8 weekly sessions is intended to bring clarity and commitment to your desire to live a healthier life and feel more connected with your own body and the larger Earth Body. We begin by looking together at your current lifestyle, general wellness, and what changes you’d like to make, but haven’t had success with making thus far (including weight change, addictive behaviors, lack of joy, overwhelm, etc.). With the guidance of somatic counseling, deep healing breathwork, and intuitive embodied movement, we will shine a light on the innate, divine wisdom that allows a new view. With this view, you gain the clarity and commitment to make the changes you desire. Some sessions will be held outside in Nature, so that we can more easily tune into our connection to the natural world as a resource for healing and empowerment.

Recent ‘Earth and Body Wellness Program’ Testimonials

“I came to the Earth and Body Program hoping to get in touch at a deeper level with my heart and to come into a more conscious relationship with the world around me. Devi was a great listener and really took her time to understand me and allowed me to express myself and helped me set clear intentions. I found the breathwork part to be a very powerful way of showing me what I was keeping hidden deep inside myself. As I gained new insights to myself, I grew a deeper and more intimate relationship with myself. During our nature work I learned new and interesting techniques of how to get closer to the inner beings of the plant and elemental world around us. Most importantly from our work together, I take with me the inner guides I have met during our breathwork. I am overjoyed to have a conscious relationship with them in my life now, and will continue to work with them.” ~ Josias Harder, Soquel, CA