Gaia Dance / Creature Contact

Gaia Dance is an embodiment practice that uses movement, meditation, sounding, writing and/or drawing as tools to help us explore how we are extensions of the larger earth body, Gaia. Through this practice we quiet the mind, in order to gain access to our intuitive wisdom. We work in alignment with Nature, learning to listen carefully to the body’s messages.

Gaia Dance, when in a group workshop format includes a unique combination of movement, meditation, witnessing & being witnessed, writing and/or art. Participants will experience free-form movement with some gentle facilitation, with and without music, solo, with partners, in contact and w/o contact.  To facilitate the connection with our own bodies and with Gaia, the larger Earth body that supports us all, we dance with the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. Participants also have the opportunity to witness another and be witnessed creating movement and sound in response to a “relationship question” (in regard to self and to the Earth).  We write and/or draw in response to whatever arises through the wisdom of the body’smessages to us.  No dance skills or experience is necessary for this practice.  Your movement choices are always right as you listen to your body.

Creature Contact is a sensual form of moving meditation that is focused on finding pleasure through our sensational bodies.  The intention is to drop out of our think-thinky human minds, and down into our creature selves. With solo embodied movement we make physical contact with the ground, the wall or other possible objects in the room… or with a tree in the great outdoors!  Like other creatures, we find ways to massage ourselves (think of a kitty rubbing on the furniture, or your leg).  When we move in contact with another human creature, we create a mutual massage.
Creature Contact is often offered as part of Gaia Dance, or may be offered as a class on its own, or even may be part of an individual or small group Earth and Body Wellness session.  It’s a wonderful practice for learning to be more embodied and connected with Self, as well as an opportunity to be more sensual and playful.  Perhaps most importantly, it feels good and helps us learn to love and appreciate these miraculous bodies we’ve been given!