Clarity Breathwork is a method of self-healing that uses the power of deep, connected breathing along with gentle coaching. Breathwork helps reveal and clear unconscious thoughts and beliefs that can often get in the way of our deepest happiness.  Sometimes emotions arise, sometimes memories or visions, and sometimes just pure spacious blissfulness as we replace old limiting beliefs with unconditional love.  When old limiting thought patterns are uncovered, it is easier to make new, healthier choices and break old habits. When Breathwork is practiced regularly, the mind often becomes more peaceful and the heart more open and loving…and more joy may surface in daily life.  Breathwork may also facilitate a feeling of interbeingness with Gaia, our precious Earth, and all of the beings with whom we co-exist.

 Ongoing Breathwork class at Breath+Oneness in Capitola.

PLEASE NOTE:  During the COVID-19 sheltering period I am offering an online Breathing into Wholeness class on the usual schedule (first and third Tuesdays at 7pm) through Zoom (donation-based at this time).  Please email me at devi@deviperi.com for information about how to join. 

Offered privately as a single session or discounted with a committed series of 5 or 10 sessions.

I am also offering private breathwork sessions through Zoom on a sliding scale during this time.  Feel free to email or call me for more information and an exploratory conversation to see if this would be a good fit at this time.

Private sessions normally last about 2 hours. The first private session tends to take about 2.5 – 3 hours, as we take time for an in-depth interview starting back at birth and childhood upbringing.  Every session involves sharing, intuitive counseling and somatic coaching, as well as approximately one hour of circular, connected breathing. The emphasis is on increasing awareness of the present moment and allowing what is most important to reveal itself. Ideally, sessions take place every week or two depending on scheduling. Although they can be spaced farther apart, commitment to complete at least 10 sessions over a several month period brings the richest results.

 Breathwork Circles are another powerful way to move energy and unravel stuck places. Group breathing sessions are a good way to be introduced to breathwork, and also a good support to clients during ongoing private sessions or after completing a committed series of sessions. Although it is not recommended that group breathwork sessions take the place of private sessions, sharing sacred space created by a group of people breathing with intention can be very enlivening!  We breathe with the intention that our practice is for the benefit of all beings, including Mother Earth.   While private sessions may allow for more intimate coaching with personal issues and reaching goals for unblocking “stuck” places, the collective group energy supports each individual’s transformative journey and offers insights into the spectrum of human experience.  Group breathwork sharing also helps to build community and compassion.  We will usually begin with some movement, meditation and sharing before we breathe, and have some time for sharing after the breathing as well.

Recent Breathwork Testimonials:

I started working with Devi because I was looking for help to better connect with my body, feelings, and emotions.  As we worked together, I was able to make huge progress connecting to my body and my spirit.  My sessions far surpassed anything I would have hoped for.  It was like 3 years of usual therapy.  And now my life is much better because I can check in with my body more easily.  I am able to connect with my spirit and I feel much more in touch with myself and the world around me.

Devi is particularly good/skilled at making others feel comfortable with themselves and the work they need to do.  I feel like she understands me and can anticipate my needs.  She is really helping move my progress along.    ~Ron Indra, Santa Cruz CA


“I have done 6 private breath work sessions with Devi and have 4 more lined up and can say that breath work has allowed me to go deeper within myself than any therapy session or any other work I’ve done before. Breathing is life and is something all beings share, so when you remember that and connect to the amazing source that it is, it is an amazingly powerful experience. Devi is a wonderful human being, who takes the time to get to know you in a very thoughtful and gentle way. I highly recommend Devi and her work.”  ~ Beatriz Ehrenfried, Santa Cruz CA.


“I was very impressed with Devi’s breadth of experience, her sensitive guidance, & her expertise in this area.  I benefited from the emphasis placed on sharing in the group Breathwork Circle & the powerful bonding that resulted from that.  The breathwork itself helped me discover something buried in my heart. I was surprised at seeing it, and happy it was ready to be released!”  ~ Stephen Gonzales, Santa Cruz CA.


“Devi’s breath and movement workshop was potent and very healing for me. I appreciated the facilitation and her sensitivity towards honoring my needs and letting me be in my process. The container Devi created and the sangha piece really was powerful. I also thought it was a stellar playlist.”  ~ Ari Moshe Wolfe, Santa Cruz CA.


“I found my experience with breathwork to be surprisingly deep and transcendental. I have never had an experience quite like it where I have gotten to such an altered state and so deep without the use of substances. It was unlike being high, though. It was powerful and brought up a lot for me, and even the saddest stuff that came up was easy to look at, somehow painful yet perfectly acceptable and integrated. 

I really appreciated Devi’s presence because it was very balanced in the way that she was totally present, guiding and caring, yet completely got out of the way. “ ~ Myles Stanford, Santa Cruz CA.


“When I began my Breathwork sessions with Devi my primary reason was to deal with my depression. By doing the Breathwork I was able to access parts of myself that were in conflict and were creating a lot of the messages in my head that put me into that place of depression.  I now have a better understanding of these parts and how to deal with and heal them.  Powerful work.  Devi is very good at keeping you on track and asking just the right questions along with keeping your breathing in the zone where the healing happens.” ~ Rocque Ern, Santa Cruz CA.


“When I began working with Devi I was looking for help with anxiety due to several major life changes.  I had done some group breathwork long ago, and I remembered it had really worked well to reduce stress and anxiety, so I found Devi through a search for local breathwork specialists.

When I worked with Devi, I was pleasantly surprised at how readily the breathwork seemed to “pick up where I had left off” from my work years ago, and yet also the individual work that I did with Devi was much more individually guided and thus allowed for a self reflective nature.  I was able to find some deeper way of seeing the anxiety within me, and that it was in me to be aware, and to respect and breathe with my body. I was able to get to a state in each session where I could consciously focus and feel, and process these human things through the breathing.

Now my life is moving ahead with less anxiety and I am looking forward to practicing more breathwork and similar healthful activities.  Balance and “me time” are two themes that came out of my work with Devi.  

Last but not least, is gratefulness for Devi and her kind and insightful methods, and gratefulness for the simple breath of life that we all share. I think Devi is particularly skilled at guiding the breathwork sessions with certain comments or phrases, or a gentle light touch to bring awareness to the breathing.  Her observational skills and focus are exceptional, and she builds a relationship of trust in a very natural and unintrusive way.” ~Verna Rodriguez, Santa Cruz CA


“Devi Peri holds a beautiful space for personal healing. She has a strong and supportive  presence which really helped me during my breathwork session with her.

My intention was to practice letting go in my personal life, which I was struggling with. With Devi’s help I was able to connect deeply with my breathing and with my heart, into a space where I could imagine my lighter life and the steps I could take to realize my new reality. I will definitely be going to Devi again to benefit from the power of the breathwork along with her embodied presence and deep listening.” ~ Amity Hotchkiss, Santa Rosa CA


Everything was exactly as I needed: my resistance, my allowing myself to be present and finally surrender.  You led us with grace and strength.  I am deeply grateful for you providing this service. It was such a sweet blessing on how you held a container for me, reminding me with your touch to breathe and let go.  Your words and guidance led me out of my resistance.

I see how each part of the workshop, the dance, movement and discussion set me up to flow magically through my breathwork journey. Each exercise flowed into the next to help me release something deep inside of me. Thank you.  ~Cherie Hung, Pacifica