What are people saying about working with Devi Peri.

  • I’ve done a series of private breathwork sessions with Devi and have found it to be very helpful in my day to day life. I feel completely safe and fully supported by her to dive deep into my inner material; she helps me retrieve the important pieces by asking the right questions and making suggestions that help bring me useful insights. I intend to continue my work with her and have recommended her to many friends! San Rafael, CA
  • I began Clarity Breathwork with Devi Peri when I had a yearning to get below the surface and connect with a deeper place within myself. The first five sessions with her were very powerful, so I signed up for another five sessions. The first session was incredible: I had a vision, I think you’d call it, that took me to a very deep place; further sessions have continued to give me new insights. She also helped me start my meditation practice that I have continued daily. I feel more grounded and have much less anxiety since beginning this work. I appreciate Devi so much for her warmth, wisdom and insightful approach. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to go to a deeper place within. Larkspur, CA
  • Thank you for the beautiful space you created for us yesterday at Gaia Dance. I feel very nourished and alive!
  • It was a lovely dance, Devi! I feel more alive and appreciative of my body through your masterful guidance… thank you!
  • You are a natural, gifted teacher with so much to share. Loved your class!
  • I have lots of gratitude for Devi's workshop because it brought great strength and freshness into my connection to dance. It was a gently guided deep journey through meditation, dance, music, and written words. Before I took her workshop, I had very little experience in conscious movements, but she made the deep journey of connecting our inner beings to our earth bodies, individually and collectively, a natural one. I was especially amazed by the ease and love that I felt in witnessing and being witnessed by another dancer. During and after the workshop, I felt my consciousness was expanded. I look forward for more gaia wisdom from Devi.
  • Just experienced a beautiful Clarity Breathwork session with Devi Peri. As I left the session, I felt a new peace that continues with me now, many hours later. Clarity Breathwork is both subtle and powerful, working at the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. I really appreciated Devi as the facilitator. She has a natural warmth and a healing touch that allowed me to drop all the way in. Highly recommended!